Ragged Fish “Into the Fray”

raggedThis month’s new featured release is Ragged Fish “Into the Fray”.  Over the last few days I haven’t really listened to anything else – almost finding this music pleasantly addictive. With very strong Latin vibes; this aromatic album has a track for every mood, which in its self is a big plus.

There are a lot of different textures here, mainly uplifting. This is more prominent in the infusion of different styles, like Samba and Salsa.

Songs like “Into The Fray” have this kind of journey feel to it and a complete contrast in mood back to “Mamagansa”

There are many styles of music here, the Latin for grove, the Salsa for feel – all infused around gentle Jazz fills and compelling melodies.

The whole feel is positive and the level of musicianship is outstanding, the melodies are warm and I reckon anyone who is into this kind of music will find it very compelling. Moorish to a point of waiting impatiently for the next offering.

Great music to dance to yet equally as powerful on one’s own. The production is to a very high standard. Mixed by Mark Emery @ Orchard Studios, Blagdon with attentive first class production.

Formed in 2007 Ragged Fish comprise of Rik Thorn, Guitar, founder member and Composer, Dhevdhas Nair on Piano and percussion, Jeff Walker Upright and Electric bass, Coach York on Drums.

The band will be performing at Torre Abbey on April Friday 19.00-21.00

The album will be available for general release in the next few weeks. For more information please visit http://www.myspace.com/raggedfish

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  1. I agree it is one of the most exiting and superb contemporary Jazz CDs I have heard in a very long time and I hope to do both the music and the composer Rik Thorn – one of the best jazz guitarists currently in the UK – justice when he comes on my show ‘ROUND MIDNIGHT on Riviera FM -(www.riviera.fm)on Wednesday 19 January at 10 pm

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