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Kevin Kane (Heart Presenter)

kevin kaneHi I’m Kevin Kane and I kick off Heart Drive Time across Exeter, Mid and East Devon on 97 FM, 103 FM and on DAB Digital from 4pm till 7pm Monday to Friday.

I love playing the wide variety of music from the 70s, 80s, 90s and the new music on Heart – I’ve been a music lover all my life. I was brought up in a home full of music as my dad was in a very popular local band Gary Kane & The Tornadoes.

I don’t just play music on the radio, I have DJ’d the club circuit for many years including Bosuns, Tiffany’s, Quay Club, Warehouse & Boxes and Hothouse & Volts and Rococo’s in Exeter, Kingston’s in Taunton, Rafters in Newton Abbot and Flairs & Reflex in Plymouth. At present I’m resident at the Q Club in Exmouth doing Friday & Saturday nights once a fortnight. This gives me a chance to play those great tunes that we don’t play on the radio and gets me back in front of a live, enthusiastic crowd, which we always get at the Q.

I like all genres of music but if I had to pick one, it would be RnB. The new stuff is fantastic but there is no greater feeling, than hearing a crowd go mad when you pull out a classic like Mark Morrison – Return of the Mack, R. Kelly – The Vibe or Usher – Yeah.

This is beginning to sound like I live to work, not so, I still love a holiday, two types really, Skiing in the French Alps and relaxing in the Maldives. Mind you, Egypt was nice, Sharm El Sheikh – especially when you book a week and end up with two! What a nuisance that volcanic cloud was!!

My hobby is boating, again influenced by my dad’s love of them. I have a 19’ Seaswirl Bowrider, which probably doesn’t mean a lot to you, however, the next time you’re sitting on the beach at Teignmouth and you see a white boat with a blue stripe go by with a skier behind and a noisy group of people sat up the bow, chances are, it’s me. I’ve had some close shaves, once I launched in Torquay forgetting to put the bung in and watched in horror as the boat filled with water and started to sink, then there was the time I threw the anchor over-board, as the engine had stalled, and watched the length of chain slide over the side not realising that the other end wasn’t secured to the boat, and lost the lot! Oh, and the best one, also involving the anchor, I was showing Lisa, a friend of mine, how to ski, so she’s on the end of 30’ of rope and shouts GO, so I do, throttle full forward and she’s up, looking good, except I notice something trailing in the water between her ski’s……Agghhhh, It’s the anchor; I had forgotten to pull it in before we set off! Still, no injuries, just a good laugh.

Email me at – IF YOU LOVE MUSIC VARIETY – give it a try.

Dave Luck (Heart FM Presenter)

daveSunday Mornings 8-12.

I’m Dave Luck and I present the Sunday morning show on Heart from 8-midday as well as covering for the other presenters when they are either ill or on holiday!

Before I came to Devon in 1997 to work for this station, I spent ten great years in Bournemouth working for a radio station there, it’s really, where I guess I grew up in radio as it were, I did every show on the station in the time I was there and had a really amazing time.

Bournemouth is famous for it’s coastline and I was lucky enough to live about half a mile from the glorious sandy beach in Southbourne.

Since moving to Devon I’ve met the love of my life, settled down and had three beautiful children, Thomas who’s now seven, Alannah who’s four and two year old Katie. I also have a step-daughter Lauren, she’s fifteen so most of the time in our house things are quite lively to say the least, but I really wouldn’t have it any other way! I never thought I would have children as I was always too busy partying and out and about having a good time, but I feel so much more fulfilled since becoming a father and bringing them up is a real privilege.

When I’m not on the radio and not being climbed all over by the children! I love playing football and watching football too being an avid Manchester United fan!

I love eating out, cycling and generally messing about in the garden, I’m no gardener but I have a go! I am quite bad at many things but I think DIY must come top of the pile, again, I have a good go at it but to be honest I am a bit of a disaster!

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this little insight into the world of Dave, keep giving it some Heart and I’ll catch you on the radio again soon.

Toby Anstis (Heart FM Presenter)

toby1“Hi there, I’m Toby Anstis and you can catch me every weekday morning from 10am to 1pm on Heart. My job is to play you the best variety of music and keep you entertained throughout the morning and beyond!”

Toby is one of the best-loved and most popular TV and radio presenters. He made his name on television presenting BBC1’s The Ozone, Electric Circus and Live and Kicking. Since then he’s presented and appeared on a variety of shows including the National Lottery Live and Britain’s Next Top Model, he co-hosted Children in Need and even braved the jungle in I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!. But his heart remains firmly in radio.

“I just love it! I’ve been dreaming of doing this job since I was 9 years old and every day just gets better. On my show, I play a fantastic mix of songs to keep you singing along to all day. There really is something for everyone from Take That, Abba and George Michael through to Alicia Keys anheartd Lady GaGa. On top of that, I keep you up-to-date with the very latest showbiz news, plus you’ve got the chance to win dream prizes and holidays.”

“I love hearing from all our listeners across Devon. I get loads of texts and emails each day from people wanting to say hi to their family or friends or telling their workmates to stop stealing the chocolate biscuits from the cupboard! Last week, I had a funny email from Sandra in Exeter who invited me round to her place for lunch after my show – she said she made a wicked cheese omelette! Unfortunately I had a meeting after my show that day, so Sandra, it’ll have to be another time!”

“In my spare time, I love to keep fit. I’ve got a personal trainer called Tom, who’s an ex-Army guy, so there’s no slacking with him! We do lots of circuit training and kick-boxing. I also really enjoy skiing. My sister and brother-in-law live in Chamonix, so any free time I’ve got, I head over to see them in France. I’ve got a gorgeous nephew called Rocco who will be celebrating his first birthday soon. I love spending time with him and dragging him round Chamonix on my sledge!”

But after time on the slopes, Toby is always itching to get back behind the mic. “I love working at Heart, we all have a lot of fun! I also love the reaction I get from people, telling me how much they enjoy the songs and banter. If I can give people a lift during their day, whatever they’re doing, then I know I’ve done my job!”

Matt & Dani (Heart FM Presenters)

mattanddani“Hello, We’re Matt & Dani from Heart Breakfast. It’s our dulcet tones you hear on Heart between 6 & 10 every weekday morning.

Most of you will be familiar with Dani’s cackling giggle and Matt’s mutley-esque laugh.”

“We’ve both been working in radio fulltime for 10 years”. Matt started at a radio station in Kent called Mercury FM as a member of the street team and Dani was a sales executive and travel reporter at South City in Southampton, before she  returned to Devon to follow in Matt’s footsteps and joined Plymouth Sound as part of their promotional team.

Matt’s career moved him to Devon in the early noughties to work for one of our sister stations in Barnstaple as the  breakfast show presenter, a move that was mirrored by Dani in Plymouth and fate eventually brought them together in June 2008 when they started working together in Exeter.

“On the show we bring you up-to-date news, vital local travel information, music that you know and love and juicy bits of showbiz gossip (a Dani speciality) to prepare you for the day ahead.”

“As with all parents, we both juggle family life with our jobs although the early start means we don’t have to endure the joys of the morning school run, but we aim to make it more bearable for you.” Dani has a 2 and a half year old daughter called Minnie who looks to be following in her Mum’s footsteps as she never stops talking and Matt has 2 step-children, Emily (7) and Eddie who is 10.

Dani is often referred to as the other woman in Matt’s life as they spend so much time together and it takes a very  special bond to ensure this relationship remains intact. “Trust and honesty is the key to our friendship”, so Matt knows he can demand cups of tea when Dani gets a spare five minutes and she can tease him about his ever expanding  waistline without the repercussions of having to sleep in the spare room.

“So, no matter how your day starts, whether you’re dragging the kids out of bed or shovelling that final slice of toast in your mouth on the way out the door, why not have us on in the kitchen, the car or even the shower… we promise  we won’t look!”

Chris Dinnis (Heart FM Presenter)

chrisI’m Chris Dinnis and I try to light up your lunchtime and afternoon every weekday here on Heart across most of Devon and beyond. I start the show as you peer into your tupperwear lunch box at one and I take you through to kid collection time at four.

People often say to me how many stations have you worked for.  Its seven, four railway three petrol !  Seriously, i’m a lucky boy, as a child I always wanted to be a radio DJ and look here I am !  I snuck onto the air many years ago as a contributor to a dance music show on the now deceased Devonair Radio and once I got my foot in the door there was no stopping me. I have been on the radio all over the South West from Plymouth to Taunton through the years but now I have well and truly settled here at Heart and I love helping your workday along with a good combination of cracking music and plenty of cheeky chat featuring all the local bits, the topical stuff and my slightly unusual look at life.  You can see how ugly I am, plus you can ping me heartan email via

Outside of radio I have a few other passions.  Football, my family, travel, great food and black music.  I play the drums, own a couple of nightclubs and occasionally I grab my black music record collection and play live in the clubs, look out for me !  In the meantime check out the radio show, you never know you might like it.

Rick Edwards (Heart FM Presenter)

rickGreetings from sunny Devon! Oh sorry my mistake, not quite so sunny is it? Hmmm never mind at least its warm…..ish

I’m Rick Edwards and having moved here to work on the radio 6 years ago I am still loving every minute of life in the west country. When I’m not giving it some Heart at drivetime you can find me doing all kind of things in and around Torbay. A friend of mine is a proud owner of a boat and I love nothing more than bobbing around in the bay or cruising down to Dartmouth and having a picnic on the river.

One of the best things about Devon is the variety of food and drink establishments and of course the cream teas. When the weather permits I like to go up on to the moor and go walking and end it all with a nice cup of tea in somewhere like Widecombe in the Moor.
Actually, I have changed my way of life from pitching up in every curry house in the TQ postcode to doing things like visiting Becky Falls, coastal walks, going to James Blunt concerts, arghhh its happening miheartddle age!! I was planning a whole load of DIY projects this summer including big garden makeover, paint the house, etc but fortunately that is one thing the weather has done me a favour with.

One thing I am back into big time is classic cars. After a break of some years I am now a fully fledged petrol head and looking forward to saving up for an old car to spend loads of time hanging out of the engine with and polishing on a Sunday morning. Just reading this back I have suddenly realised… I am changing into my dad!

Join me for drivetime every weekday from 4 on Heart 96.4FM and drop me an email via

Have a great summer and give it some Heart

Matt Rogan (Heart FM Presenter)

mattMatt Rogan from Heart Breakfast here.

So almost 2 months now into us being “Heart” and I hope you’re enjoying what you’re hearing.

In fact what a great opportunity for me to be able to say a HUGE thank you for making ‘Heart’ number one in Torbay and South Devon. Official independent listening figures released a couple of weeks ago show us as the most listened to radio station in this area which is great news.

I love presenting the breakfast show (getting up at 4:30am every morning not loving as much!)

Have you joined in by playing my daily feature ‘The Generation Gap’ yet? Make sure you’re listening just after 7.30 to have a go. Guess correctly and a shiny new Heart Mug could be yours. Just guess the celebrity from the clues our ‘Generation Gappers’ (Torbay’s beloved old folk!) give you… Simples!

Also each week on my show tune in to hear us chat with some of the biggest A-list stars, just recently the likes Hugh Jackman and Michael Caine have been on the show!

Register at for a “Sugar Rush” where the Heart Angels could pop around to your wheartorkplace with cakes. Take part in our ‘Mug Swap’ too, we’ll swap your cracked workplace mugs for brand new ones, or what about booking a Cool Ride from School for your kids? They even get to go bowling with the Angels!

All these ways to “book” things. Let me see if I can book us some sunshine. You can’t beat a summer in the bay when the sun is shining. What happened to the endless hot ones down here when I was growing up? I’m going for a record this year. I managed to pull the shorts out only twice last summer. Mind you some people would say that’s two times too many!

All the best and “give it some heart”

Matt Rogan

Welcome To Heart Radio

heart1Heart is the new radio station Devon. Tune into to every day for More Music Variety, local news and travel when you need it, and a great presenter line-up including Matt Rogan, Matt and Dani, Toby Anstis and Jason Donovan.  Heart will accompany your lifestyle and be in touch with your life. There will also be chances to win holidays, cars and other fantastic experiences.

Show lineup Monday to Friday TORBAY AND SOUTH DEVON 96.4FM

6am – 10am Matt Rogan

10am – 1pm Toby Anstis

1pm – 4pm Chris Dinnis

4pm – 7pm Rick Edwards

Show lineup Monday to Friday EXETER AND EAST DEVON 97 and 103FM

6am – 10am Matt and Dani

10am – 1pm Toby Anstis

1pm – 4pm Chris Dinnis

4pm – 7pm Kevin Kane

This summer Heart will be at all the big events with the brand new, and very lovely ‘Heart Angels’. If you have an event you think we should be at this year email and click on your station

Jennie Park (Palm FM Radio Presenter)

jennieJennie Park presents the Saturday night show “Palm’s Big Saturday” on Palm 105.5.  “The Saturday Night show is so much fun to be part of; the listeners are fantastic and keep me company all night! It’s really good to be part of a truly local radio station and to be able to speak to real people and find out how they are spending their weekend!”

Although born in Buckinghamshire, Jennie has lived in South Devon since the age of two.  After finishing her A-Levels at Cuthbert Mayne she left South Devon to study Media Production at the University of Lincoln.

Three years later, she returned home as a qualified sound engineer, and joined the Palm 105.5 team shortly after!  “I feel very lucky to have found a job that I love in South Devon.  I work with a great team who have all helped my confidence grow.  I was extremely nervous when I first joined Palm, however working with an enthusiastic and experienced team has really helped me, and I will continue to learn from them!”

Jennie now lives in Kingsteignton with her boyfriend Rob and three tortoises, Mangrove, Petunia and Lewis!

Outside of the studio Jennie also works at Palm 105.5 as the Promotion manager, and can be found at many of the local events in South Devon!  “I love meeting people and having fun, it is great to be involved with so many local people who are so interested and proud of the area they live in!”

You can find out more information about what Jennie gets up to on the Palm website

Catch Jennie on South Devon’s biggest Saturday night, from 6pm every Saturday night- in or out, it’s what Saturdays are made for!

Graham Russell (PALM FM Presenter)

grahamrussellGraham Russell returns to the air in Torbay and South Devon on Palm 105.5 “It’s been a bit like a school reunion, with so many messages and calls from listeners from the old days. It’s great catching up with a whole group of friends I lost contact with” he says.

Graham moved to Devon 15 years ago from Slough in Berkshire and has presented shows on Plymouth Sound, Lantern FM, South Hams Radio and of course Gemini FM where he was on the drivetime show for seven years.

“Although I’ve been away from radio in Torbay for six years I still been living here all that time and it’s a really nice feeling to get back on air locally with old mates such as Colin Leslie and John Hogarth around too” he explains.

Graham stills keeps in touch though with the old team that have moved on to other careers. “The man eater Selina Ross is still a scary woman who I hear from, plus there’s Susan Porter the travel biker, Sean Burridge and Allison Sixsmith who all very good friends as well”.

Graham has been on air at various stations both in the UK and USA for over 25 years. He says “I never get bored of it as there’s always something different going on or they’ll invent some new studio technology just to keep you on your toes, plus there’s that unknown of what you’ll be asked to do next. In past years I’ve done shows everywhere from the deck of warships to waterpark slides, as well as caves and rooftops and covered everything from the eclipse to 9/11”.

His new time of day on air is a bit of a change for him. Graham says “I’ve just spent two years doing a breakfast show in Kingsbridge so it’s a bit weird getting ready for work at 8pm, as I’ve got used to going to bed around that time”

Apart from radio work Graham has also spent many years as a club dj “I really do miss the club work and may just get back into it as there’s nothing better than watching crowd reactions to some good tunes and seeing everyone having a great time” he says.

As for outside of radio..”I’d love to mention my sporting triumphs and academic achievements but I’m still waiting for those to blossom so in the meantime I’ll stick to territory I know such as partying and enjoying this rather cool part of the world” he says.

Catch Graham on Palm 105.5 every weeknight from 9pm plus Sunday afternoons from 2-6pm.